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Trevor --Staying with the original five, what’s going on with Cyclops? How can a man that spent so many years trying to create a relationship with Jean Grey move on so quickly after her death? What is in the future for Cyclops that the fans can look forward too?

Mike Marts --Scott Summers has quite possibly endured more than any other X-Man ever has—Jean Grey included. He’s seen the love of his life die—twice. He has seen rosters change, teammates perish, his mentor abandon him…and all the while, he’s been able to lead the X-Men through every battle, always carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is—give the guy a break! He’s been through so much, so let’s all be a little content with the fact that he’s finally found some happiness and stability in his life. And if that means resting in the arms of the White Queen, one of the X-Men’s oldest adversaries, so be it!

Trevor --Talking about Scott and Jean brings up an excellent time for a question that poster (JoshuaChayne) wrote at our forum.

Joss Whedon has said before, in reference to the Scott and Emma relationship, that every man should fall for the wrong woman at least once. In another interview John Cassaday, again in reference to Scott and Emma, said the real question was why Scott sees Jean in every woman he is with. Will we be seeing any Scott/Emma centered stories so that we can understand their relationship better?

Mike Marts --You bet. ASTONSIHING X-MEN #13-18 should carry some interesting Scott/Emma moments along with an outstanding storyline. Look for Joss Whedon and John Cassaday to both return to ASTONISHING just after the turn of the year.




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