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Grant Morrison Interview Excerpts from Wizard #129

Q: So will the Scott/Emma/Jean triangle still be going on into the fall?

Morrison: Everything’s going to work to a head fairly rapidly. I don't like to have too many dangling plotlines going on and on. That was one of the problems of the X-Men before, people complain of it. Plotlines could run for 100 years or something. [Laughs] You know? Only your granddad could remember where they started. So, the whole Scott, Emma, Jean thing's coming to a head soon. There'll be this big psychic catfight of the highest order. There's a big bang at the end of it. In more ways than one too!

Q: Who’s your favorite X-character?

Morrison: Cyclops & Emma Frost. Cyclops because he’s the coolest X-Man of all ...

Quietly: Cyclops is definitely one of the best.

Morrison: He’s so repressed and so brilliant. He just always does the right thing. He never lets you down even though he’s so @#%$ up. And that’s his genius. And Emma’s just great to write. She’s my favorite to write. But I use her to voice my own [female characteristics]. There’s such a great dynamic between them. Chris Claremont was great at that. He has such great takes on these aspects of the characters no one else has thought of. There’s a lot going on there with Emma, Scott and Jean. Emma puts out but Jean’s actually more hardcore than Emma, and Scott’s torn between these two women. It’s a weird, interesting setup. And both women are telepathic. That spells bad news for Scott Summers.
Think about it. You’re in the middle and they can read your thoughts. Every fantasy you have at night they know it. There’s no escaping them. That’s fun.

Quietly: Scott’s definitely fun. He’s more like us than Xavier, Logan, or Henry.

Morrison: And he always tries to be a superhero. He’s really good. He really wants to be a hero.



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